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Adrian Gibson’s brother tells court MP asked him to be shareholder in Edwileno Holdings

Today in the Supreme Court, Lanardo Gibson, brother of former Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) executive chairman Adrian Gibson, testified in the ongoing trial related to Edwileno Holdings.

Lanardo revealed that Adrian had approached him in 2018, urging him to join Edwileno Holdings alongside Rashae Gibson.

During his testimony, Lanardo stated that he visited Adrian's home, where objections were raised. Adrian allegedly conveyed that the company held his assets and Lanardo was expected to communicate with Adrian’s then-fiancée, Alexandrea Mackey, about the company.

Lanardo Gibson informed the court that he did not understand why he was chosen by Adrian, emphasizing that he could have selected any other sibling.

He said he provided information to Alexandrea, and conveyances with his signature were presented, indicating his involvement. He told the court he was annoyed by “Alex” as she would bother him for documents and his signature. The FNM MP’s brother told the court he did not have a close relationship with Alexandra and did not even bother to save her number. He also told the court that Gibson asked why he was giving Alexandrea a hard time and he told him she was annoying but Adrian told him “do it for me”.

Regarding property purchased in Venice Bay, Lanardo clarified that Edwileno Holdings, to his knowledge, did not pay for it.

He admitted ignorance about the company's financial details, property acquisitions, or its operations, stating that he relied solely on information from Rashae Gibson, who is also on trial.

When questioned about relationships between companies and WSC, Lanardo professed lack of knowledge.

He expressed uncertainty about Alexandrea's role, whether as a lawyer or shareholder, emphasizing his distant relationship with her and occasional annoyance due to requests for documents and signatures.

Lanardo Gibson clarified that he never demanded money, and his involvement was at Adrian's request, despite not understanding how it would benefit him.

Addressing his relationship with Adrian, Lanardo disclosed a distant connection due to growing up in different locations. He said Gibson grew up on Long Island and he grew up on New Providence.

When asked if he felt pressured, Lanardo maintained that he was only pressured to tell the truth, with no external coercion.

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