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Adrian Gibson purchases properties in Venice Bay, Long Island

Embattled Water and Sewerage Corporation Chairman Adrian Gibson must have struck gold before purchasing three pieces of property in the pricy gated community Venice Bay and Long Island.

According to conveyance documents stamped by the Registrar General’s Office, Gibson bought 37,038 square feet of land in Long Island for $150,000 on October 8, 2020.

He also purchased property in Deadman’s Cay, Long Island for $15,000. The attorney on file for the January 2020 agreement is Gibson’s fiancée Alexandria Mackey, who also signed a fat contract with Water and Sewerage Corporation in 2018 for yard cleaning and ground maintenance.

Mackey is also the attorney for the sale of a Venice Bay property Gibson bought for $150,000.

Gibson purchased lot number six in the Western New Providence community in February 2020.

He has struggled to distance himself from Mackey who is the director of Elite Maintenance Incorporated, a company formed three months before being awarded a half a million dollar contract with WSC.

Gibson’s ability to purchase three properties in one year on an executive chairman and member of parliament salary raises questions about whether he benefited financially from the contracts his fiancée received from Water and Sewerage.

Gibson has arrogantly claimed he is the victim of a smear campaign but he has refused to answer questions about his relationship with Alexandria Mackey, whom he listed as his fiancée in a police report in October 2020. Gibson also told police he and Mackey opened a bank account together in 2014.

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