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Adrian Gibson a no-show at his trial today

FNM MP Adrian Gibson was conspicuously absent from the Supreme Court this morning where his trial was scheduled to resume at 10 am.

Despite efforts by his legal team to reach him, Gibson remained unreachable.

Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson, visibly displeased, granted a five-minute recess and extended a grace period until 10:30 am for Gibson to appear. However, after 10:30am, he was nowhere in sight.

The judge, expressing concern, highlighted that the customary courtesy of lateness would not be extended to the accused.

Gibson's lawyers appeared flustered as the court checked for the presence of all parties involved in the proceedings.

Gibson, a lawyer himself, faces accusations of failing to disclose his vested interests in contracts awarded by the Water and Sewerage Corporation during his tenure as executive chairman.

Prosecutors assert that Gibson derived a financial benefit exceeding $1 million from contracts granted to Elite Maintenance and Baha Maintenance and Restoration.

Additionally, he stands accused of laundering illicitly obtained funds through the acquisition of properties and vehicles.

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