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Abaco power outages cause “chaos” at airport

A dark cloud of frustration looms over Abaco as its residents struggle with frequent power outages during the scorching summer months.

“We are in a pretty sad situation. Up to the airports is chaos because it’s so many people around there. They haven’t fixed the backup generators since the hurricane and they can’t ticket nobody or book any flights, do nothing, so people around here are really pissed off and you can’t really blame them,” said one Abaco resident.

The power problem has escalated to such an extent that it is affecting not only the mainland but also the surrounding cays, leaving the entire island community feeling powerless.

The situation has reached a breaking point, and heated residents say they can no longer tolerate the lack of a consistent power supply provided by Bahamas Power and Light (BPL). They are demanding answers and solutions from BPL.

"We have a serious situation here in Abaco. We have power maybe 30 percent of the time, and that's being very generous. I believe the cays are also off," exclaimed one resident, his voice filled with exasperation.

He said residents are tired of enduring the stifling heat and the inconvenience caused by the constant blackouts. However, they believe their pleas for reliable power have fallen on deaf ears.

This problem has raised questions about the competence of BPL's executive management. Whispers spread through the community, suggesting that a significant shakeup is needed at the top level to rectify the issue and restore faith in the power company's ability to deliver consistent electricity to the islands.

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