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A salute to Distinguished Toastmaster Garth G. Jackson Jr.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Toastmasters International - the leading organization on leadership and communication in the world - enjoys a membership quota that exceeds  358,000 individuals in more than 16,800 clubs across 143 countries. It is this same great program that has changed the lives of over 1,600 residents of The Bahamas this year alone, of which Garth G. Jackson Jr. is one.

Distinguished Toastmaster Garth G. Jackson Jr. was voted into office in May 2019 during the District 47 Annual in Florida, which made him the youngest Bahamian - at 25 years old - to assume Division Director office in District 47.  

Having started his journey in 2012 with his home club at the University of The Bahamas - Luminaries Toastmasters Club #1510789 - DTM Jackson served in several club executive positions before being appointed as an Area Director at the age of 23, and Assistant Division F Director for Program Quality at age 24. Then, despite not being chosen as a candidate by the District Elections Committee for the Division F Director position, he ran independently from the floor with his campaign - "Present, Active & Succeeding" - and was heralded a winner with more than sixty percent of the District Electorate's votes.

With a few days left in his tenure for this Toastmaster year, DTM Jackson is ending the year with Division F ranked first in the District and having earned President's Distinguished status due to 12 President's Distinguished Clubs, 2 Select Distinguished Clubs, 1 Distinguished Club, and 3 newly-birthed clubs.

In this, the legacy he leaves is simple - for every young person in this country who was told that they were too young to lead, never give up. DTM Garth G. Jackson Jr. is a fine example of how youth is a super power and not a disability.

So we honor and congratulate him for a job well done!

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