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7 arrested for traveling with fake covid tests

Police have taken seven people into custody in connection with fraudulent documents relating to covid-19 tests.

These fraudulent travelers were attempting to visit a family island without taking Covid-19 tests, possibly putting others at risk.

It followed the arrest of one man who was taken into custody for fraudulent documents relating to covid tests.

It comes as the country sees a dramatic rise in new Covid-19 cases.

Between January 2 and March 24, New Providence recorded 599 new COVID-19 cases; Grand Bahama recorded 258 new cases and Abaco recorded 102 new cases.

The COVID-19 dashboard for Wednesday showed that there were 33 new cases recorded in The Bahamas: 21 on New Providence; eight on Grand Bahama; two on Abaco; one on Eleuthera and one on Exuma. 

Three of the new cases from New Providence were cases with a history of travel within 14 days.

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