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17-Year-Old boy shot, in Critical Condition

A 17-year-old male is in critical condition in hospital after a brazen shooting near Charles Street.

The disturbing event took place around 4:20 p.m. yesterday and has sent shockwaves through a community that is becoming increasingly concerned about a spike in violence.

Preliminary reports reveal the young victim was inside a business establishment, when he was alerted to an unknown male attempting to abscond with his Krypton motorcycle.

Without hesitation, the teenager confronted the suspect.

The encounter took a scary turn as the confrontation escalated, and the suspect, brandishing a handgun, aimed and fired at the victim's upper torso.

The assailant swiftly fled the scene on foot, heading west, successfully evading immediate capture.

The injured teen was urgently transported to the hospital in a private vehicle.

Police have launched an intensive investigation to apprehend the shooter.

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