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URCA bans vile ad about PLP leader

Communications watchdog, URCA, has banned Cable Bahamas from broadcasting a defamatory political ad about Progressive Liberal Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis.

URCA issued an interim order prohibiting further broadcast of the ad on Thursday, July 22.

The ad had been aired across multiple Cable TV channels and other REV Media platforms since July 12.

Davis’ lawyer Owen Wells reported the ad to URCA on July 20 after Cable Bahamas continued to air the ad after a takedown request.

Wells complained that the political advertisement defamed Davis and failed to clearly identify who had paid for it. In a response, URCA said that it had opened a full investigation into the complaint.

URCA has banned Cable Bahamas from airing the ad during the investigation.

URCA said the continued broadcast of the ad could cause “serious and irreparable damage to the character of the Hon. Philip “Brave” Davis, QC, MP, leader of the Opposition and Progressive Liberal Party if the conduct is not immediately addressed.”

URCA continued, “If permitted, the political advertisements may establish a precedent and a legitimate expectation for other licensed broadcasters that would be contrary to the underlying principles for broadcasting in The Bahamas, regarding standards of taste and decency, as set out in Part 3 of the Content Code.”

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