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Senior journalists hired under the FNM put out to pasture

Four senior journalists plucked from the media pool under the Minnis Administration have been put out to pasture and replaced with a new generation of reporters.

During its abbreviated term in office, the Free National Movement government recruited former Nassau Guardian Managing Editor Erica Cox as head of Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister, where she sought, but failed, to minimize the thoughtless ramblings of then-Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

The Minnis-led government also stole Nassau Guardian General Manager Brent Dean, who secured a big contract to handle public relations and polling along with former Tribune reporter Paul Turnquest.

Minnis’ long-time friend Anthony Newbold was rescued from the “porch” of the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas to serve as Press Secretary - a short lived role he failed miserably at.

When the government changed, so did the journalists hired to handle PR and communicate with the media they are more than familiar with.

Beyond the Headlines host Clint Watson was appointed Press Secretary, former Our News anchor Kyle Walkine heads public relations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Guardian Radio Host Nahaja Black is set to receive a diplomatic appointment.

Therefore, the suggestion by Nassau Guardian executive editor Candia Dames that the Davis administration is seeking to “gut the media” reeks of hypocrisy.

Dames did not share that view when the Free National Movement recruited Wells, her former boss at the The Nassau Guardian, or Dean who is the son-in-law of prominent FNMs Henry and Janet Bostwick.

Those hires did not warrant an op-Ed piece by Dames, whose brother, Marvin Dames, and nephew Shanendon Cartwright, held key posts in the Minnis government.

Dames is likely smarting as most of the media talent recruited by the Davis administration worked at The Nassau Guardian.

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