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PLP MP Kingsley Smith being treated at Rand Memorial Hospital

West Grand Bahama and Bimini MP Kingsley Smith is currently at the hospital on Grand Bahama for high blood pressure.

Smith, recently sworn in as Parliamentary Secretary, felt unwell and sought medical attention at Rand Memorial Hospital, where elevated blood pressure was diagnosed.

This comes after a significant year for Smith, filling the vacant parliamentary seat left by the late Obie Wilchcombe and getting engaged on the same day as his swearing-in.

The MP won the seat after facing competition from Ricardo Grant (FNM), Lincoln Bain (COI), and independents Ternielle Burrows and DaQuan Swain.

Smith secured 2,150 votes, with Grant trailing at 1,276. Bain received 307 votes, Swain 28, and Burrows 4.

During his campaign, Smith pledged a three-year plan encompassing new job creation, a Royal Bahamas Defence Force Base in West End, a West End police station, a school, an airport for Bimini, a resort in Bootle Bay, new docks for fishermen, a fish house in West End, the West End Fish Village Project, the West Grand Bahama affordable housing project, and free Wi-Fi in parks from West Grand Bahama to Bimini.

Our thoughts are with Smith for a swift recovery as he undergoes treatment for high blood pressure.

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