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FNMs want convention to elect new party leader

On the heels of the Free National Movement’s lackluster performance in the West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election, some factions of the party want to go to convention and have party leader Michael Pintard replaced by a more dynamic leader.

Some party members fear that under Pintard’s leadership, the FNM has lost political ground over the last two years instead of regaining the support it lost during the Minnis Administration’s underwhelming time in office between 2017 and 2021.

It is doubtful the FNM will hold another convention so soon after it’s 2021 leadership race.

However, insiders claim former prime minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is trying to build support in the hopes of reclaiming the reins whenever the party holds a convention. Though Minnis remains unpopular among many voters, there are some FNM members who would support a leadership comeback by the Killarney MP.

Pintard, who was elected FNM leader after an election blowout in 2021 prompted Minnis to step down, has faced questions about his ability to lead the FNM to victory in the next general election after he failed to capture the Parliamentary seat left vacant by the death of PLP MP Obie Wilchchcombe.

Even with the full backing of political juggernauts Hubert Ingraham and Tommy Turnquest, who hit the rally stage in support of Bishop Ricardo Grant, the pastor was pummeled by PLP candidate Kingsley Smith.

Smith won the election with 57 percent of the votes. Grant received 32 percent of the votes - a weaker performance than the FNM’s Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe, who secured 38 percent of votes in the 2021 election.

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