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Bahamasair employees’ money in the bank

Despite warning employees that substantial payroll adjustments would result in delayed salary payments, Bahamasair’s Human Resources Department rallied last evening to get staff members’ money in the bank on time.

Though pay day is today, executives anticipated that salaries would not be deposited to the various banking institutions until Monday as they wanted to ensure that the right amount was paid to each employee.

However, as the holidays approach, they decided to work around the clock to avoid inconveniencing workers.

In a letter to staff, this morning, HR said, “Further to the December 1, 2022, communication announcing a delayed payment of salaries, we are pleased to advise that deposits to all financial institutions were confirmed as of yesterday evening. As a result, all staff were paid per the airline’s pay schedule.”

The large number of salary adjustments is the result of a new industrial agreement signed between Bahamasair and the Airport, Airline and Alllied Workers Union (AAAWU) in November.

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