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Happy Father's Day From The Gallery


What Is A Dad?

A dad is someone who

Wants to catch you before you fall

But instead picks you up, 

Brushes you off,

And let’s you try again.


A dad is someone who 

wants to keep you from making mistakes

But instead lets you find your own way,

Even though his heart breaks in silence

When you get hurt.


A dad is someone who

Holds you when you cry,

Scolds you when you break the rules,

Shines with pride when you succeed,

And has faith in you even when you fail.


Happy Fathers Day to an Awesome Dad

From Lisa ,Jalisa & Jaleah.

We continue to miss you, but our fond and cherished memories of you help to put a smile on our faces and warmth in our hearts. We will always love you. Happy Father’s Day in heaven Daddy! 

Pia, Tiffany, Quentin II, Teddy and all of your grandchildren

To a giant of a man Vernal Paul Lewis native of Behring Point Andros. A man who cared for his children and grandchildren

Carla Gordon and Gerald jr. We your Grandchildren misses you dearly. 


The reasons why we love ️ you so much is not just because you are my Father and Grandpa...You are our rock to lean on; the one who cares for us and hurts when we hurt; the one who prays, protects and ungirds me and my sons through danger seen and unseen. 
You are our superhero. 

I know that your love ️ for us will last through eternity. Thanks for allowing us to be in your life. 

Renae, Charlie and Zae Zae

On behalf of my siblings, children, nieces and nephews, I say “Happy Father’s Day” to our patriarch, STANLEY ARLINGTON BURROWS. In your prime years you gave so, so much to your family, church and this nation at large. Now that you are no longer able to even care for yourself, we count it an INCREDIBLE privilege to now care for you.
“Dad” we don’t just say we love you. We genuinely LIKE you! Thank you for being that Godly, manly and supportive father to both your biological and numerous non biological children. 
Our prayer is that God continues to give us the strength and resources to keep you as comfortable as possible as Mom would have wanted us to. 

A tribute to My Daddy


Daddy, today, I miss you more than yesterday, and tomorrow I

will miss you more than today.

Sometimes I wonder, Did I tell you I loved you often enough?

Did I give you reason to doubt how much you meant to me?

Did I thank you sufficiently for your unselfish love and

encouragement? Did you know what a gift of love you were? Or how I

felt protected by your presence and your prayers? I know now that

every day you did your best to help me on my way.

Daddy do you know how much I miss you? That every day my

heart yearns for you? I just always took it for granted that you would

always be there whenever I needed you.

Daddy, your passing has taught me that the most painful tears

don’t fall from the eyes, it’s the one’s that fall from your heart and

shake your soul.

I was my Daddy’s angel

Now he is mine.

P.S. I love you Daddy and thank you.


By Deborah Poitier


In memory of my Daddy Perry Nelson Taylor Sr.


This is my 1st Fathers Day without you. You were buried you on October 10th last year, and I did not get the chance at your funeral to share how much I loved you and what you meant to me. I visited your grave yesterday and my heart is still crushed. We all love you Daddy. We miss you so much. I know that you cannot hear me, but I just have to say thank you Daddy for always looking out for us. You will always be the best Daddy in the whole world to me. 


Dan'ar Taylor


Happy fathers day to my daddy  RIP Dept Superintendent Hosea Douglas  from your wife Verna kids  Bridgette Kim Tiffany sis Kaylor Superintendent Kirk Natario and Deandra grands great grands brother and sister and family


Happy Father's Day Bahamas.
And to all fathers of BCPOU
BTC, ZNS, Bridge Authority, Cable Bahs.

President: Dino Rolle


A special Father's Day tribute to my daddy  Creggan Armbrister from  his one and only beloved son Kebra Shazar Armbrister.  Greeting also from his mummy Theresa. You are a great father and I am proud of you 🥰

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-20 at

Thirty-four years ago I met a fellow who after 8 months of talking, married me. 

Fast forward to today he has fathered my three children and a more loving and committed father than he, is hard to find.  Sometimes to my annoyance, he gave them everything they asked for, as a matter of fact, he still does the same for me.  For this, I am truly grateful. 


Shane, I pray that the bread you’ve cast upon the water all these years, come back to you, as the scripture said.  

You have labored long

You have given family, friends, and country 

You have persevered through some very tough times

But...... your latter will be greater!




Your wife Jackie

Name, Title


Remembering our Daddy Obed Gardiner Sr. We will never forget him. We love him and honour him by the way we live our lives. Because of Him We Are! Elizabeth, Roland, Albert, Beulah, Bernard, Lynn, Sandradee, Des & Sharon.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-21 at

To Our Fathers On Father’s Day

Today symbolizes a special day for many families, it is a time to pay tribute, celebrate and show our appreciation and love for our Fathers. These men do numerous things for their families, they give us advice, support, and most importantly, they give us their time and attention. They have shared with us their knowledge, their innermost feelings, and tell us of the many years of life experiences that they have accumulated. Fathers are teachers, leaders, mentors but most of all one of our greatest motivators. It is their responsibility to give us direction and to teach us what they have learned in a lifetime. “As a daughter, I adored my father and search for the same loving personality in the man that I fell in love with.”- (Kim.) “As a son, I am inspired by my father for the strength and support I receive in abundance from him as a father”- (Shane Jr.). Sons always aspire to become someone as wonderful and humane as their fathers are. There is a special bond that we hold with our fathers, that bond builds strength over the time and events that each of us is fortunate enough to share together in our lives. As we reflect on the years that we shared together, our fathers were always the best dads. They always lead by example and taught us numerous life lessons such as: Take care of, protect, and be the provider for your family and always give them unconditional love, show respect and courtesy to others, always strive to do your best, no matter what you are doing. Don’t ever be afraid to make mistakes, just make sure you always learn from them. Most importantly Trust in the Lord at all times and lean not on your own understanding, and remember manners and respect will get you through the world.

To our Fathers Rev. Franklyn Clarke Jr. & Hon. D. Shane Gibson, we say thank you for the life lessons the love and the support. We pray that God continues to bless and keep you, we love you! Happy Father’s Day! Love Shane Jr. Kim & Aiden M. A. Gibson.

Happy Father's Day to all of our Bahamian fathers. May God continue to bless you abundantly to provide for your families. To my dad, Jack Lightbourne, thank you for being a strong, wise, and great father. ❤ From Zane Lightbourne

 A Tribute to our daddy the late Roy E. J. Cargill from his children Bernadette, Theresa, Leonard and Hilda. Numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchild

 Our daddy raised his 6 children by himself subsequentl  to the early and untimely demise of his young wife Hilda Jane. Daddy was renowned  Building Contractor.  He was an excellent provider... our protector.. our confidant.. our disciplinarian ..our hero but our greatest cheerleader.  We were the apple of his eyes and he was the wind beneath our wings. Words cannot adequately  express how much we still love and miss our daddy.  Eternal rest grant unto him and may Angel's continue to surround him.

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