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WSC employee urged to resign or get shot in the “hip hole

Police have been asked to investigate a threatening letter sent to an employee of the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) by someone believed to be angry over charges filed against former Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson.

The brief but intimidating letter, dated August 23, 2022, was sent to the corporation’s headquarters on University Drive in an official government envelope and signed “Sincerely Adrien Gibson & The Boyz”.

Though officials do not believe the letter was sent by the embattled former executive chairman, it would appear it was sent by someone who is sympathetic to the Long Island MP who is awaiting trial on corruption-related charges.

The letter reads, “You did what you had to do. Now we ga do what we have to do. We will handcuff you if you don’t resign within three weeks and we will plaster your face and balls with monkey tamarind.”

The letter also threatens further bodily harm with the barrel of a gun.

The document, which bears the Deputy General Manager stamp, was said to have been reported to police.

It comes weeks after Gibson was arraigned on money laundering and bribery charges. He is accused of enriching himself with over one million dollars in funds derived from lucrative WSC contracts awarded to his then-fiancée, first cousin and campaign general.

Gibson’s unraveling began last year when leaked WSC documents revealed that the corporation had awarded contracts to a company owned by Gibson’s fiancée Alexandria Mackey and cousin Rashae Gibson even though the women had no experience in yard maintenance.

Other leaked documents showed that contracts were awarded to Gibson’s campaign general Joan Knowles.

Knowles and Rashae Gibson were charged alongside the FNM MP and four others.

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