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Woman charged with British expat’s killing

Police have charged a 31-year-old woman with last month’s murder of British expat Marcus Hinsbey.

Felicia Bonimy, of Southwind Close, a friend of Hinsbey, did not have to enter a plea to the murder charge when she made an initial court appearance before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt.

Police found Hinsbey, an accounts executive at Cable Bahamas, dead inside his locked condominium at Venito in Westridge on September 24.

He had been stabbed multiple times.

Bonimy has been denied bail and will return to court on December 13.

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Rick G
Rick G
Oct 22, 2022

Domestic violence against men. Had it been the other way around, the women trouble makers young and old would be out in droves beating their chest and vilfying men parroting talking points copied from overseas. Monkey see what monkey do.....

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