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Western Air Flight Makes Precautionary Landing in Freeport

Updated: Mar 26

A Western Air flight headed from Marsh Harbour to Nassau was diverted to Freeport today as a precautionary measure.

The decision was made by the Captain after noting an indication light, but the airline emphasized that the situation did not constitute an emergency.

In a statement provided by the airline, they clarified, “The Captain made a voluntary decision to land in Freeport noting an indication light. This was not an emergency indication and the aircraft was indeed capable of proceeding to Nassau without issue.”

The captain opted to land in Freeport, Western Air’s main maintenance base, to have the aircraft assessed as a precaution and to place the passengers on another aircraft.

The plane did a flyby and landed safely in Freeport this morning.

Passengers were then accommodated on another aircraft from Freeport to Nassau.

"We do apologize for the passengers for the inconvenience of the experience and having to switch aircrafts prior to getting to their destination, but the Captain simply wanted to exercise an abundance of caution and passengers were able to be on their way to Nassau shortly after," the statement added.

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