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VIDEO: Tourists caught jumping beach fence arrested

The Gallery is at the Magistrates Court where three women from Boston are expected to be charged with breaching emergency orders.

A photo of the women jumping a fence on Paradise Island to get to Cabbage Beach went viral on social media. A video showed the women admitting they hopped the fence to go swimming after saving up for a year to vacation in The Bahamas.

Beaches were closed over the Independence holiday weekend following orders by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Police brought the three tourists, who flew eight hours from Boston, to court around 12pm. However, the arraignment was held off while authorities make contact with officials from the United States embassy.

After each woman confirmed their identities they were asked if they had spoken to the American embassy. To the dismay of the Magistrate, they advised that they were not given the opportunity to speak with the embassy.

Their lawyer, Ian Cargill noted that an officer ought to be aware that Americans should be given the opportunity to speak with representatives from the embassy. He further stated that he had contacted the embassy on their behalf and there will be a representative in short order.

The Magistrate asked that the matter stand down until a representative from the embassy arrives

Stay tuned for details.

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