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VIDEO: Drama outside Magistrates Court as six charged

Six people charged in connection with a cheque scam made a dramatic entrance inside the Magistrates Court today.

One of the defendants who was handcuffed to another woman kept shouting “I gatta pee” and was eventually chastised by a female officer as she was escorted up the court steps.

“I said hold on, okay?” the officer replied.

After making it up the steps, some of the women started shouting expletives with one of them yanking her hand away from the police officer.

“I wanna use the f@$ bathroom” she yelled.

The man who was charged along with the five women entered the court quietly in handcuffs behind them.

Their arrest and court appearance on a number of fraud-related charges followed “an extensive investigation” by the Financial Crimes Investigation Branch of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

38-year-old Carlos Valdez, 30-year-old Gisele Kapansris, 27-year-old Kendra Smith, 26-year-old Chiquia Rolle, 24-year-old Arnell Ambrister and 22-year-old Anahi’s Thompson were charged with cashing forged First Caribbean Bank cheques.

They pleaded guilty to the charges and have two months to pay the money back. Failure to do so will land them in jail for six months.

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