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Vaughn Miller joins PLP

Nearly one year after he quit the Free National Movement and became an independent member of parliament, Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller announced in the House of Assembly on Wednesday afternoon that he has decided to join the Progressive Liberal Party.

This gives the Opposition five seats in the House of Assembly

"After careful reflection, I have decided. Mr. Speaker, to join the Progressive Liberal Party," said Miller.

"I spoke to the leader of the opposition about joining and sitting in his parliamentary caucus from now until the General Election, offering to be the next representative for the great Golden Isles constituency."

"He assured me, Mr. Speaker, he would welcome me into his party and into his caucus." Miller added.

Miller severed ties with the governing party last year amid controversy over the decision to enter a lease agreement with then cabinet minister Brent Symonette to relocate the General Post Office to Town Centre Mall, which Symonette is part owner of.

PLP leaders welcomed Miller into the party today with open arms.

"This is a jubilant day in this parliament," said Exumas and Ragged Island MP Chester Cooper who added, "I welcome the member for Golden Isles to the fold of the Progressive Liveral Party. I take this pleasure on behalf of the leader of the Progressive Liberal


"You will find an environment where free speech is welcome," said Cooper who welcomed Miller to a party where he says the leader is "secure."

Miller's decision to join the opposition comes days after FNM supporters campaigned in the Golden Isles constituency for prospective FNM candidate for that constituency Brian Brown.

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