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Two more broadcast reporters to quit Nassau Guardian

The Nassau Guardian, which provides news content for Cable 12’s Our News programme, is about to lose two more broadcast reporters.

Senior journalist Jasmin Brown, who has been in the business for over a decade, and rookie reporter Berthony McDermott are set to leave the failing news entity.

What’s more, newspaper reporter Rachel Scott quit earlier this month.

A few months ago, popular Our News Anchor Kyle Walkine, Weekend Anchor Giorgio Bain and Feature Reporter Jillian Gray quit after they’d had enough of The Guardian’s bad management.

The Guardian’s radio and TV arms have propped up its newspaper, which has seen increasingly dwindling sales as online media outlets continue to scoop the paper.

Mountains of Guardian newspapers are piled high catching dust in local stores because readers no longer need to buy the paper to read stories they’d seen online.

The Guardian’s profits have also dwindled as advertisers are spending their money with more popular products.

When newspaper heavyweight Candia Dames headed news at Love 97, many of their reporters quit to join the Guardian.

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