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Suspended Bahamasair manager booted from airline

A Bahamasair manager, who was suspended last month for launching a “two bags free” promotion without permission, will be transferred to another government entity, according to well-placed sources.

Sales and Marketing Manager Laurel Burrows was initially suspended for two weeks after an unauthorized promotion waiving baggage fees for passengers with two bags cost the cash-strapped airline $500,000. When ordered to stop the promotion, Burrows refused.

Upon further review of her actions, executive management extended the so-called “Queen of Bahamasair’s” suspension for an additional two weeks.

Instead of returning to the national flag carrier’s Marketing department once her suspension ends next month, insiders tell us that Burrows will be moved to another government entity as she was reportedly promoted past her level of competence.

They suggested that just because someone is talented, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are capable of making hard decisions.

Burrows has worked at Bahamasair for six years. She has previously held sales and marketing positions at Club Landor, Royal Holiday Club, King’s Realty, Islands of the Bahamas Logo Store and Atlantis nightclub, Aura.

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