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Suspect in Andrew Wilson home invasion granted bail

One of the suspects in a home invasion at the Westridge residence of businessman Andrew Wilson last December has been granted $25,000 bail by the Court of Appeal.

Randy Williams, 27, appealed a judge’s decision to refuse him bail on charges of armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and burglary, and kidnapping.

Sir Michael Barnett, in his decision, said the Crown had not produced any evidence that Williams would abscond if granted bail.

Sir Michael said, “In my judgment, it cannot be a proper exercise of judicial discretion to deprive a person of his liberty on a speculative belief that a person may interfere with witnesses or commit a crime whilst on bail. This is particularly so where the accused has no antecedents.”

Prosecutors alleged that Williams and two other men forced their way into the home on December 30.

The robbers took $25,000 in cash, a 2020 Honda Passport SUV worth $80,000, and an assortment of jewelry from the family at their home.

Williams allegedly remained at home with the Wilsons’ children while his two accomplices took their parents to their store in the Mall at Marathon.

Williams is also accused of raping a 26-year-old woman.

Ciji Smith-Curry represented Williams.

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