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Sick-out looming at Governors Harbour Airport

Staff at Governor's Harbour Airport are on the brink of staging a sick-out after news broke on Tuesday that the husband of a security screener died last week in Palmetto Point.

Both the wife of the deceased and his sister-in-law are security screeners at the airport. His widow was said to have been feeling ill while on the job with a possible fever. However, no alarm was sounded despite public knowledge that her husband had been tested after displaying Covid-19 symptoms.

Due to the backlog of testing, the results were delayed. However on Tuesday, the sister of the staff member who was on the job received a phone call to come home. She refused to disclose to her superiors why she left her post and wasn't returning. It is understood that the stepmother of both staff members is a senior health official on the island.

Airport Authority staff and airline workers are all angry that they may have been exposed as many of them have young children and some have pre-existing conditions.

Staff members are calling on authorities to step in, sanitize the airport and implement mandatory testing of all employees who may have come into contact with the deceased man’s wife and her sister over the last two weeks.

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