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Senior Customs Officer Testifies in Adrian Gibson Trial

In today's proceedings of the Adrian Gibson trial, a senior customs officer took the witness stand, revealing that a request from law enforcement prompted an investigation into matters involving Gibson, and Water and Sewerage Corporation-contracted companies Elite Maintenance, and Baha Maintenance.

Customs documents presented in court detailed the importation of five vehicles linked to charges 70 to 73, with exporter Power Sports Max and Gibson listed.

Those charges related to the use of Baha Maintenance and Elite Maintenance to purchase two Bull 200 sports vehicles valued at $1579 each, a Challenger 150x valued at $4,669 and a Blade 150 valued at $3,199.

During cross-examination, defense attorney Damian Gomez questioned the customs officer about the importation procedure, suggesting potential vulnerabilities in the system.

Gomez specifically inquired if anyone could enter information on behalf of others, raising doubts about the officer's presence during crucial steps in the clearing process.

Gomez also delved into Information Technology aspects, prompting the officer to recommend consulting an IT professional for detailed answers.

Defense attorney Murrio Ducille further pressed the senior customs officer on irregularities in customs forms, leading to a nuanced exchange about the definition of irregularities.

Gibson, a lawyer himself, faces a total of 56 counts, alleging his failure to declare interests in contracts awarded by WSC during his time as executive chairman.

Prosecutors claim that Gibson gained over $1 million in financial advantage from contracts with Elite Maintenance and Baha Maintenance and Restoration, accusing him of laundering funds through property and vehicle acquisitions.

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