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Sands truth or Minnis imagination

Dr. Sands Provides Scientific Evidence to Refute the Prime Minister’s Rationale for Closure of Beaches

During his contribution to the Emergency Orders Debate in Parliament, the Prime Minister stated that the closing of the beaches and parks over the Independence holiday weekend is being done out of an abundance of caution.

The Prime Minister stated that the tradition of Bahamians gathering on the beaches on holidays poses a risk of super spreading of COVID-19 hence the rationale for the closure.

However, Dr. Sands referring to a Texas Medical Centre Scientific report (which he promised to table), said that going to the beach carried a moderate risk. According to the report, examples of moderate risk activities include shopping at a mall, working a week in a building and visiting an elderly relative or friend at their home.

Last week in a press release, the Ministry of Education advised that effective 16thJuly, 2020 operators of daycare and pre-schools would be allowed to reopen. According to the same report cited by Dr. Sands, going to the beach poses no higher risk that sending kids to daycare.

In fact according to that same report, going to a wedding or funeral poses a higher risk than going to the beach. The report also lists in the highest risk category for the spread of COVID 19 working out at a gym.

If as the Prime Minister eluded to in his communication to Parliament today, that the closure of the beaches is based on the old adage that “prevention is better than cure”, surely according to the Scientific data, the high risk businesses that are now open should be approached with the same abundance of caution

It leaves one to wonder, is the closure of the beaches based on science or myth?

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