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Registrar General Testifies in Adrian Gibson trial

Updated: Feb 21

In a pivotal turn of events at the Adrian Gibson trial, Registrar General Camille Gomez took the witness stand today, shedding light on the intricate web of companies at the center of the trial.

Gomez established the ownership of the companies under scrutiny, revealing that Gibson held key positions, including secretary and president, in some.

Gibson's dual roles as president and secretary raised eyebrows, as Camille clarified that two directors or a director and secretary can transact on behalf of a company.

Notably, some companies were formed with the involvement of Jerome Missick, Joan Knowles, Alexandria Mackey, and Rashae Gibson, revealing a complex network of relationships.

At the heart of the matter are allegations that Gibson, a lawyer by profession, failed to declare his interest in contracts awarded by the Water and Sewerage Corporation while he served as executive chairman.

Prosecutors assert that Gibson derived a financial advantage exceeding $1 million from contracts granted to Elite Maintenance and Baha Maintenance and Restoration.

The prosecution further contends that Gibson engaged in money laundering by using the funds to acquire properties and vehicles.

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