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Prosecutors appeal controversial fine for guns and drugs convict

Abaco businessman Pericles Maillis who was fined just $15,500 after he admitted to illegally possessing four firearms and growing ganja could have his sentence increased. Maillis, 68, paid the fine last month to avoid spending one year in prison.

The case sparked debate on social media about white privilege in the justice system as young black men face imprisonment for selling coconuts.

Prosecutors have appealed Maillis’ sentence to the Court of Appeal arguing it was too low. The appeal will be heard November 3.

The Defence Force discovered a marijuana farm on Maillis’ property while on patrols in Abaco in September. They contacted police who found four unlicensed firearms—two rifles, a shotgun and a .38 revolver—and multiple rounds of ammunition when they searched his home.

Maillis pleaded guilty to drug cultivation, possession of unlicensed firearms, possession of ammunition with intent to supply and drug possession with intent to supply when he appeared before Magistrate Ancella Evans.

Police notified the media of the outcome of Maillis’ arraignment.

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