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Prosecution serves Lanisha Rolle, others with VBI

Prosecutors in the high-profile Lanisha Rolle case served a voluntary bill of indictment (VBI) to the former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture and her co-defendants today.

In March, Rolle became the second member of the one-term Minnis Administration to be arraigned in the Magistrates Court on corruption-related charges.

The former Free National Movement (FNM) MP was charged along with her husband, Vontenken Rolle, Alfred Mortimer, Godfrey Burrows and Wilfred Rolle Jr.

Rolle, 46, was the subject of intense speculation after she resigned as a minister in the Minnis cabinet in 2021. She never explained the reason for her resignation but speculation intensified when the FNM failed to give her another nomination as a candidate in the 2021 General Election, which saw the increasingly unpopular governing party booted out of office.

Rolle, an attorney, faces charges of bribery and conspiracy to commit fraud by false pretenses in relation to contracts valued at over $700,000.

According to prosecutors, Rolle conspired to commit fraud regarding the award of contracts for work done at the National Tennis Centre and Baseball Stadium, South Beach Pools, Grand Bahama Sporting Complex and Kendal G.L. Isaacs Gymnasium.

It is also alleged that the former police officer accepted a $48,303.74 bribe in relation to the award of a contract to G and C Landscaping for work done at Grand Bahama Sporting Complex while conspiring with others to commit fraud.

She has also been accused of conspiring to commit fraud in relation to a $9,500 contract awarded to Ayveon General Maintenance for work at Grand Bahama Sporting Complex.

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