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Prison inmates stage protest against mistreatment

Prison Commissioner Charles Murphy reinstated access to cigarettes for inmates after they protested the move on Thursday.

Murphy quickly lifted the ban on smoking and cigarettes, which took effect today, after angry inmates refused food, flooded corridors of cells and threw waste at guards.

The inmates also called for the removal of Murphy as commissioner.

Many inmates use cigarettes as a coping mechanism for the harsh conditions at the prison.

The decision to stop cigarettes caused tensions to reach a boiling point, as inmates have a long list of unaddressed grievances.

They include a lack of access to potable water; family visits have been discontinued for over a year, and lack of medical care and a balanced diet.

Both guards and inmates have been adversely affected by Murphy’s policies. The guards staged a protest of their own last month but Murphy believes he is untouchable since he campaigned for National Security Minister Marvin Dames in defiance of public service rules.

In a bid to fool the public, Murphy has painted cells in Maximum Security and installed air conditioning.

Despite these on the surface improvements, the area still doesn’t have plumbing.

The air conditioned area is known as “Canada” because it’s so cold.

Although many would think that an air conditioned cell is a luxury, guards use it as a punishment because inmates aren’t allowed blankets to keep themselves warm.

It’s no wonder that government officials have balked at the suggestion by Wayne Munroe QC that inmates vote in the next election.

They are experiencing firsthand abuse by the heartless government.

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