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Police sergeant builds illegal wall behind condo

Residents of an Eastern New Providence community are upset after a police sergeant built an eight-foot wall behind a big condo complex that he paid for out of pocket.

Police Sergeant Jared Turnquest was a constable when he began building the yellow six-unit condos with no mortgage.

Residents are questioning if the Department of Physical Planning gave him permission to build the extra high wall or whether he is taking advantage of his position as a police officer.

It is illegal to build a wall higher than six feet at a property without a permit and it is highly unlikely Turnquest received one.

It is also a mystery how Turnquest could afford to build luxury condos on the expensive Eastern Road on a $38,000 salary without assistance from a lending institution.

He didn’t have the benefit of sharing construction costs with a spouse as he didn’t get married until this weekend to a British Airways flight attendant from Trinidad.

The small wedding ceremony was attended by longtime pal FNM MP Adrian Gibson and Turnquest’s boss Chief Superintendent Matthew Edgecombe.

Turnquest was recently accused of tampering with evidence in the case of Gibson who is battling a local businessman in court.

Turnquest also faced legal trouble in the United States where he was convicted of driving under the influence.

Up until recently, the police officer was unable to secure a U.S. Visa. It raised questions about how Turnquest convinced the U.S. Embassy to finally approve his visa application.

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