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PM: People fled Grand Bahama in Droves before LockDown


During his address to Parliament today on the COVID-19 virus, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said after his announcement that Grand Bahama’s air and sea borders would be shut off to any incoming or outgoing traffic within The Bahamas, attempts were being made to transport large numbers of persons from the island to other parts of The Bahamas.

Passengers travelling by plane from Grand Bahama to New Providence yesterday were immediately taken to government facilities to be quarantined, according to the Prime Minister.

The Gallery has been informed that only passengers coming in on Bahamasair flights were picked up by police and quarantined. Before being carried away, the passengers were stuck on the plane for an hour before being allowed to disembark.

Western Air passengers were allowed to leave the airport on their own.

Minnis also revealed there were boats lined up in Grand Bahama especially on the east end of the island moving throughout the family islands and New Providence.

As a result of this exodus, the Prime Minister said that, the Port Authority was instructed to ensure that no vessels are to be permitted to leave Grand Bahama for travel to New Providence or any Family Island.  

Health professionals are concerned that if this movement is left unabated, the healthcare system would not be able to contact and trace these persons, which is a crucial step in stemming the tide of this virus.

If these persons are allowed free movement within communities, this can lead to the spread of the virus.

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