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PM defies health official’s warning on political gatherings

Three days after Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillan suggested that political gatherings should not be happening during the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and dozens of Free National Movement supporters attended the constituency office opening and a subsequent walkabout for the party’s St. Anne’s candidate Adrian White on Saturday.

While funerals remain limited to 40 people at graveside services due to restrictions put in place by Minnis, in his role as the Competent Authority, the FNM event drew far more than 40 people who were not practicing social distancing.

“There should not be gatherings that are above and beyond what has been agreed upon in the emergency orders.

“Those types of gatherings should not be occurring and certainly, individuals have a responsibility to protect themselves and others by not availing themselves of such events be they political, be they a party, be they a gathering of family,” McMillan said during a live news conference held by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday.

The emergency order prohibits social gatherings on New Providence, Abaco, Eleuthera and Exuma.

However, that order clearly does not apply to the Competent Authority who makes the rules but doesn’t follow them.

In recent weeks, Minnis has spent his weekends leading large walkabouts in various constituencies as the party gears up for what is expected to be an early election.

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