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PHOTOS: One person killed in car crash on Blue Hill Rd

VIDEOS: One person killed in car crash on Blue Hill Rd

The Gallery is on the scene of a fatal car crash on Blue Hill Rd that claimed the life of one person. Police say the collision happened near Buy 4 Less after 8pm.

The details of the crash remain unclear at this time but the vehicles involved are a green Nissan March and a white Nissan Skyline.

Both vehicles sustained extensive damage along with a nearby fence. The hoods of both vehicles involved in the fatal crash were smashed in. Skyline appeared to have crashed into a fence in a failed attempt to avoid hitting the March.

One of the persons died on the scene. Another was transported to hospital. Their current condition is unknown.

Tonight’s traffic fatality comes four days after an Exuma man crashed into a concrete wall near Tar Bay on Independence Day, sustaining severe head injuries. He later succumbed to his injuries.

Stay tuned for further details.

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