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Omar Archer released from prison FNM propagandist Omar Archer is out of prison—for now.

The Court of Appeal granted the liar-for-hire bail pending an appeal of his conviction and three-month sentence for intentional libel.

Archer was convicted following a malicious Facebook post in 2015 in which he claimed a woman had AIDS, was deliberately infecting others and had buried an infant in a bucket.

After failed attempts to stop the trial on the basis that criminal libel laws were unconstitutional, Archer offered no defense to his malicious lies after the Privy Council rejected his appeal.

Archer was one of the FNM’s Chief liars during the 2017 election campaign.

After the FNM won the government through bold-faced lies, Archer was rewarded with a post as registrar of contractors.

Archer lost his cushy job after voters kicked the FNM out of office in September 2021.

National security Minister Wayne Munroe KC has a pending criminal libel case against the gossiping self-proclaimed activist. He claimed that the Cabinet Minister had beaten up his wife.

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