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Omar Archer family house on fire

A car exploded in the gated western New Providence community of West Winds on Monday night, resulting in a newly built house being partially destroyed.

It was reported that the home of Omar Archer’s sister sustained major fire, smoke and water damage after the car, which was parked in the garage, burst into flames.

The damage to portions of the house is extensive.

Archer could be seen overcome with grief as he wept openly clinging to his mother.

It was clear that he felt a devastating loss. It was clear that not only was he concerned about the damage sustained as a result of the fire, but he appeared to have had equity in the house.

After Archer’s questionable association with the current administration and their unapologetic compensation of a high paying position at ministry of works, it would be of no surprise if Archer were part owner of this damaged home built from payments received for his unrelenting intimidation tactics.

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