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No full increments, back pay for government workers

The Minnis Administration has instructed the Public Treasury not to pay public servants all monies owed despite a promise from Minister of National Insurance and Public Service Brensil Rolle that every government employee who is entitled to an increment will be paid this month.

Public servants have not received increments in two years. When government workers receive increments, they collect on their back pay and it is added to their salary.

However, this time around, those employees will not receive back pay and no money will be added to their salary.

Instead, the Public Treasury will pay one-year increment as a lump sum payment, depriving government workers of thousands of dollars owed to them.

Rolle left out this crucial point in the House of Assembly last Wednesday when he announced that the government will keep its word and pay increments.

It comes as hundreds of workers at institutions in the public healthcare system engage in a sickout after the government failed to pay them an honorarium for risking their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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