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No 14-day quarantine for Chub Cay visitors?

Despite the latest travel protocols, which require visitors entering The Bahamas to  quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, Chub Cay Resort and Marina apparently didn’t get the memo. 

In response to a post on social media from a prospective visitor inquiring about the mandatory 14-day quarantine, the resort insisted, “No longer necessary when coming directly to Chub.”

However, it was pointed out to the defiant resort, “Chub Cay Resort and Marina in Great Harbour Cay, part of the Berries, there is a 14-day quarantine. Maybe it’s not enforced in Chub? It is required in all of The Bahamas according to Dr. Minnis.”

Does the resort believe it is above the law or was it given special permission that resorts on the other islands and cays aren’t aware of? How many other visitors have been misled to believe that they are not required to quarantine upon arrival in Chub Cay and, more importantly, have there been tourists who landed on the cay without adhering to the unpopular protocol?

Tourism officials have admitted that the mandatory quarantine, which was widely reported on in international travel publications, has been a hard sell for prospective visitors. However, the travel restriction remains in place, making it illegal for visitors to arrive on Chub Cay and mingle among locals and resort employees without entering quarantine first.

Why should resorts on other islands be forced to take a major hit due to this new policy while Chub Cay plays by its own rules?

The Berry Islands has 12 coronavirus cases. However, Chub Cay was among the islands and cays that saw lockdown restrictions lifted on Monday.

In July, the government banned commercial flights and vessels from all countries, with the exception of Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union. However that ban was quickly reversed, to be replaced with a mandatory two-week quarantine for visitors.

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