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NIB hires 20 FNM supporters before early election

20 Free National Movement supporters showed up at the National Insurance Board for jobs, claiming they were sent by Public Service and National Insurance Minister Brensil Rolle.

Senior executives were forced to find positions for them to fill but frustrated NIB insiders tell the Gallery most of those FNM supporters are not qualified and have nothing to do.

Civil servants fear more party supporters will show up at government agencies in the coming weeks seeking employment as the Minnis Administration prepares to call an early election and shore up support among disillusioned voters.

According to insiders, Rolle has hired over 200 party supporters since being appointed the minister responsible for NIB.

Many of them are collecting generous salaries, that exceed the salaries of long-serving NIB staffers, but have nothing to do.

This, as the Board struggles to stay afloat amid continued unemployment assistance payments.

According to Rolle, some $229 million has been paid out in unemployment assistance and benefits to Bahamians laid off during the coronavirus pandemic. $10 million was paid out in the month of February alone.

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