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NIB board member hooks up her two nephews

Trade unionist Theresa Sands-Mortimer used her position on the Board of Directors at the National Insurance Board (NIB) to get two of her nephews hired in the most recent wave of political hires at NIB.

Jahon Sands and Cory Sands were both hired as NIB Claims officers.

While thousands of Bahamians are struggling to find jobs, one of Mortimer’s nephews couldn’t hack it as a Claims officer and quit, proving he didn’t deserve the job that could’ve gone to a deserving Bahamian.

The other nephew currently works as a claims officer.

They weren’t the only close relatives of NIB executives and senior employees to get the hook up. The Deputy Chair’s son was also hired at NIB along with the Assistant Director’s niece.

The new employees, some of whom failed the Claims course, started earlier this month and sit to their desks all day twiddling their thumbs.

The new hires come despite a freeze on promotions and the delayed payment of increments at NIB.

NIB employees say they are tired of the nepotism and skulduggery happening at the board, adding there is a level of desperation as those at the top struggle to hold onto power.

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