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Minnis rallying up FNM troops on Eleuthera

The Competent Authority is planning an overnight trip to Central and South Eleuthera on Saturday.

FNM generals are putting together a full itinerary for Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to meet voters across the island in the middle of a pandemic, despite Minnis’ warning to Bahamians not to travel or hold social gatherings.

FNM executives were urged to meet Minnis at the airport on Saturday when his plane lands while others were advised to “be in place” to greet the PM before he leaves the island on Sunday.

Eleuthera residents are asking where was Prime Minister Minnis when Central Eleuthera was out of water for five days or when Eleutherans were starving during the lockdown?

FNM residents of Central and South Eleuthera are unbothered by the announcement of his impending visit.

Staunch FNM supporters placed their photos in filter mode to publicly show their support for PLP Aspirant Senator Clay Sweeting who launched a social media filter which went viral on the island.

FNM Member of Parliament Hank Johnson scrambled to call the long time supporters frantically begging for a second chance as he sees his seat in the House of Assembly slipping.

Minnis and his goon squad continue to make the rounds on the Family Islands campaigning in the middle of a pandemic.

Last week, Minnis visited Exuma, where domestic travel is banned, in addition to Rum Cay and Cat Island meeting with party generals.

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