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Mexican worker in Abaco evacuated; hospitalized

A Mexican worker, who tested positive for COVID-19 on Abaco yesterday, has been “evacuated and is currently hospitalized and receiving care”, according to Baker’s Bay Golf and Ocean Club.

Bakers Bay confirmed two cases and said it is working with health officials but the two Abaco cases were not included on the Ministry of Health COVID dashboard released this evening.

The man was one of 135 Mexicans brought in by Baker’s Bay on work permits on July 2 to assist with the resort’s reconstruction following Hurricane Dorian.

Baker’s Bay says the man tested negative for COVID-19 before arriving on the island 20 days ago but tested positive on Tuesday. Another employee on the project, a Bahamian FES subcontractor who is an Abaco resident with a history of travel to Covid hotspot Grand Bahama, also tested positive for the virus.

Baker’s Bay has since launched a “robust COVID-19 response” including contact tracing, self-quarantine, cleaning protocol and testing to contain the spread of the virus.

Since borders reopened the virus has spread to several islands including Abaco, Berry Islands - which now has four cases - and Cat Island, which has two cases.

Bimini, once deemed a Covid hotspot, is also reporting two new cases.

25 people tested positive for coronavirus today bringing the total number of cases in The Bahamas to 219.

There have been 114 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on New Providence, 81 confirmed cases on Grand Bahama, 17 confirmed cases on Bimini, 4 confirmed cases on the Berry Islands, 2 confirmed cases on Cat Island and 1 confirmed case on Cat Cay.

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