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Man charged over Facebook rant

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

There appears to be a thin line between freedom of speech and criminal activity.

Kenneth Williams, 38, learned this after police arrested him over a Facebook post that appeared to be a frustrated man voicing his opinion.

In his post, Williams said that Bahamians need to stop complaining and “overthrow the f**** government.”

Addressing the killings of black men by white cops, Williams asked, “Why don’t you run up on these white mother f*** a s blow they head open?”

Well, local police took this as a threat and charged Williams with causing public terror and making use of violent and obscene language.

Williams pleaded guilty at his arraignment before Acting Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes today.

His lawyer, Tamara Taylor-Storr told the court that the singer was upset after viewing videos of racist cops.

The magistrate said that citizens needed to realize that words have consequences.

He ordered Williams to pay $450 in fines to avoid spending three months in prison.

During the people’s time government, they’re telling you where you cant go and what to say.

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