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Long Island fishermen voting Adrian Gibson out

Fed up fishermen on Long Island have called out the Punch for printing lies after the weekly tabloid suggested that fishermen on the island plan to support incumbent Adrian Gibson on Election Day.

Fishermen say they want nothing to do with Gibson or the Minnis Administration after four years of neglect.

The Free National Movement (FNM) smells it’s own blood in the water and is “trying everything in the book” to scrounge up votes on the island.

Though Long Island is an FNM stronghold, Gibson got scared after seeing a group of fishermen wearing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) shirts in support of candidate Tyrel Young.

The arrogant MP tried to spin it by claiming the fishermen really plan to mark their X next to the torch on Thursday. However, fishermen told the Gallery they have a surprise for Gibson who turned his back on them while lining the pockets of his then fiancée Alexandria Mackey, cousin Rashae Gibson and campaign general Joan Knowles with fat Water and Sewerage Corporation contracts.

Gibson, who has come under attack over allegations of corruption in recent weeks, has resorted to pulling pages from the playbook of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis by planting stories in the Punch to intimidate and attack his opponents.

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