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Lincoln Bain ordered to pay woman $67,000

Fringe party leader Lincoln Bain is trying to set aside a judge’s ruling after $67,000 was awarded to a woman who says he duped her out of the money.

In 2010, Zinnia Rolle said she paid Bain $40,000, which was to be held in trust for three years at an interest rate of 10 percent per annum.

She sued Bain, the leader of the Coalition of Independents, after he failed to live up to the agreement.

Although Bain admitted Rolle gave him the money, he said she was supposed to buy the Kids Shoe Department at Bani ShoeWarehouse. He claimed the sale documents were destroyed when the business burned down in 2010.

What’s more, Bain made the ridiculous claim that his former store manager Keno Symonette had forged his signature on documents for the investment deal.

In her decision, Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson noted that Bain did not report the forgery to police. Additionally, Symonette, who testified for Bain, was unable to reproduce the forged signature for the court.

Bain has appealed the judge’s decision.

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