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John Pinder to be ratified tonight, takes vacation

Director of Labour John Pinder is set to take eight weeks’ vacation once he is ratified by the Free National Movement (FNM) tonight as the party’s candidate for Fox Hill in the upcoming General Election.

Pinder will be among the remaining candidates ratified by the governing party as Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis prepares to ring the bell for an early election.

Once public servants are ratified by a political party, they are expected to resign. However, Pinder is seeking to get around this and hold onto his fat salary by going on vacation for two months.

Pinder recently said publicly that it is unfair for public officers to give up their jobs due to their desire to enter frontline politics.

However, Pinder was silent when Water and Sewerage Chairman Adrian Gibson sent Kirk Cornish on unpaid leave after the WSC employee was ratified as the Progressive Liberal Party’s candidate for North Abaco.

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