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Jamaican woman found guilty in gay lover’s murder

A jury has unanimously convicted a Jamaican woman of the murder of her lover.

Nadisha Beckford, 34, slashed Lekeisha Mackey’s throat and stabbed her multiple times during an altercation in the parking lot at the Mayfair Hotel on February 20, 2021.

The pair were in a relationship despite Beckford having a husband.

Beckford fled the scene after the incident and Mackey was taken to hospital, where she died two days later.

Police issued a wanted poster for Beckford, who sought to clear her name in two Facebook live videos.

She in the videos, “You (the deceased) is not my mother or my daughter. Don't put your hand on me," the Jamaican said in one of the videos.

"... and if you dead, I sorry yuh dead because I didn't mean to do it. I was defending myself, okay. So if yuh dead, I'm sorry, and may your soul rest in peace because mi never mean fi kill yuh”.

Beckford is awaiting sentencing.

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supreme nexsus
supreme nexsus
Jun 29, 2022

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