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Immigration Minister’s daughter won’t be charged for COVID breach

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The Royal Bahamas Police Force has decided not to bring charges against the daughter of Immigration and Financial Services Minister Elsworth Johnson after she and 19 others were arrested during a police raid of a popular hangout on Tuesday night.

Police shut down Village Pub, located on Balfour Avenue and Miami Street, and arrested 20 people after curfew. The group, which includes Johnson’s daughter and a police officer, was initially expected to be charged in the Magistrates Court this week.

However, police have been advised to save Johnson the embarrassment of having his daughter captured on camera doing the “Bank Lane Shuffle” - a shame countless others have endured after being caught breaching coronavirus restrictions.

Officials decided it would look bad not to charge the minister’s daughter but pursue charges against the other 19 people arrested. Therefore, they have decided to let the entire group go.

On Tuesday night, they were all hanging out at the Pub without face masks or social distancing when police showed up.

Officers say the Immigration Minister’s daughter tried to pull rank on police as they were arresting her by informing them that her father is Elsworth Johnson. However, they replied, “We don’t care who your father is. You lock up” and proceeded to arrest her.

However, it turns out the senior command and their bosses care very much who her father is.

It is a stark contrast from the arrests of Eleuthera residents who were tracked down and charged after a video surfaced of them breaching covid orders. However, this group was actually caught in the act by police and got off.

This is the third time Village Pub has been raided since a state of emergency was declared in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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