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Hudson Estates residents cry foul over road works

Residents of Hudson Estates, a private subdivision on Grand Bahama, are crying foul after the community’s developer convinced the government to pay for road works in the area while still charging residents service fees.

Hudson Estates is owned by Frecon Construction and David Thompson and Co, which charge residents Home Owners Association fees for the community’s upkeep. However, over the years, residents have not always felt those fees were put to good use.

The contract for road works in the community was reportedly awarded to Waugh construction at no cost to Hudson Estates developers.

Residents watched as construction vehicles rolled in to commence works but they are worried that they are being fleeced.

The Gallery understands the contract to repave the roads was issued without going to bid, preventing other companies on Grand Bahama from having the opportunity to receive much-needed business during the economic crisis.

This is not the first concern residents of that community have had.

In November of last year, several of them banned together to address longstanding concerns over pot holes in the area.

Some streets throughout the subdivision were said to be virtually impassable and damaged some vehicles.

Following years of inaction by officials, residents got together and hired their own contractors to fix the problem.

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