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Homes in Gaza shantytown marked for demolition

In a bid to address the persistent issue of shantytowns in Abaco, The Unregulated Community Action Task Force was, today, actively engaged in operations within the Gaza shantytown.

Conducting final routine checks on illegal structures, the teams are gearing up for the imminent demolition process.

Teams were spotted in the community meeting and marking homes for demolition.

Minister of Works and Family Island Affairs Clay Sweeting previously reported that eight homes in Abaco shantytowns have already been demolished this month, with plans to demolish additional structures in the weeks ahead.

Residents of three major shantytowns have received notices regarding the impending actions.

Shantytowns have remained a longstanding challenge in the Abaco community, prompting successive governments to pledge resolutions to this complex issue.

The ongoing efforts by the Unregulated Community Action Task Force signal a proactive stance towards addressing the concerns surrounding these informal settlements.

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