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Govt job, office created for Minister’s wife

The special position of Assistant Manager of the National Insurance Board on Grand Bahama was created for the wife of Minister of State for Finance Kwasi Thompson, according to NIB sources.

Tamika Thompson also had a new office added on to give her a comfortable work space.

She previously worked as a nurse at the grossly understaffed Rand Memorial Hospital but her husband, the Minister, thought it was time for his Mrs. to get a big bump in salary.

Mrs. Thompson will be responsible for managing injuries within NIB’s Occupational Health and Safety Unit. However, staff members told the Gallery there aren’t enough cases to warrant hiring an assistant manager as there are already a nurse and case officers in the unit.

Employees claim Mrs. Thompson won’t have anything to do just like the many other FNM cronies who have been placed on NIB’s exhausted payroll.

While NIB can afford to bring on political appointees, the board still can’t afford to pay staff long overdue increments or reverse a freeze on promotions.

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